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Mr. Kartheek Chanda envisions mentoring People across Globe on future skill readiness in the next five years and thus increasing the availability of skilled professionals in every country. Citing Sathguru he says, “True Success cannot be just individual success but needs to be inclusive and contribute to others’ success too”.


Adhering to this divine guidance, he recognized the importance of converting his experience and competency into service by mentoring the students across which led to the formation of ERSEGMENT.

Digital attacks have become a growing concern in the present times. ‘Data leak’ is a frequently arising term in news these days. The more we go digital, the more this risk grows. 

This brings us to understand how crucial cybersecurity is. ERSEGMENT is providing training in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity along with application security services for organizations.

ERSEGMENT Solutions is “Enterprise risk segment Solutions”. They have started this company in September 2020, within 3 months they signed contracts with USA-based MNC’s. And within 6 months, they became a placement partner for a US-based university.


Kartheek Chanda the Director of Ersegment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has trained more than 30,000+ students including (doctorates, professors, corporate employees, students, and bankers) in Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking. Kartheek’s day job is working as a Cyber Security researcher, in a prestigious Govt organization and simultaneously he does freelance in 15+ national and international companies as Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Instructor.


He is an Internationally Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Instructor by EC-council. According to Urban Pro, he is been ranks #1 as cybersecurity and ethical hacking trainer in Hyderabad.

He has been providing free Seminars across colleges in India, for the past three years. He guides youngsters with deep insights into the current education system and the resulting skill gap. He is making sure that his students meet organization standards and get into the industry, His students have succeeded in securing 1000+ organizations and they are working in multiple companies. That’s how ERSEGMENT is having a huge community of students in a short span of time and it keeps growing exponentially.  

He is a man with an optimistic approach in all circumstances and hoping to help with the goal of a more robust and self-reliant India.


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